Heckler Arrested at Congressman Allen West Town Hall was Liberal Air America Host

A little advice for the former talk show host of the Defunct Liberal Air America – a Real Journalist reports the story but never becomes the story.  I see that civility was all directed at the Right, as it is not present on the left.  Our sources say that crashing Town Halls is part of the agenda from here to election day.  The desired outcome is to make the GOP look mean spirited for wanting to get the budget under control. It is an old play for the Democrat playbook.

Local police arrested a woman who appears to be former liberal radio network Air America host Nicole Sandler while she was disrupting Rep. Allen West’s Tuesday town hall event in Fort Lauderdale and harassing the Congressman’s wife. According to video obtained by Florida blogger Javier Manjarres, known better online as The Shark Tank, police charged Sandler, who revealed her name on camera, with trespassing after they removed her from the event and she “continued her tirade and used an expletive to address a police officer.”

With Air America now defunct, Sandler hosts a self-described “progressive talk radio” show at RadioOrNot.com.

via  Politisite.


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