Huckabee leads GOP Field in South Carolina

Media Credit: Iron Mill Interactive Media, Inc.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is leading in South Carolina bid for 2012 GOP nod.  Problem is Huckabee may be very happy with his current gig at Fox News.  Huckabee says he will not make a decision until later on this summer.  South Carolina holds its “First in the South” debate the first week of May in Greenville.  Huckabee came in second in  2008 South Carolina primary losing to John McCain by 14,743 votes.

A new American Research Group poll in South Carolina finds Mike Huckabee leading the Republican presidential race with 20%, followed closely by Mitt Romney at 18%. Donald Trump at 13% and Sarah Palin at 10%.

via Huckabee Leads in South Carolina.

via Huckabee leads GOP Field in South Carolina | Politisite.


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