Capital Cronyism from Walker’s Wisconsin to Obama’s Tax evading G.E.consultant in the White House

Op-Ed by Albert N. Milliron, Editor, Iron ill News Service

(Columbia, S,C,)–When Democrats ran for the Presidency, they emphatically made it clear that there would be no business as usual as occurred in the White House during the Bush years. Washington was going to be ethical and Nancy Pelosi was going to drain that swamp, and a new sprint of transparency would be viable for all to see.

Conversely, Republicans, with their tail between their legs, prayerfully asked votes to give them another opportunity as they have learned their collective lesson about excessive spending and unfunded mandates.

Seems some of the Wisconsin protestors have identified once again that Government seems to be more about talking about revival and transformed hearts than actually implementing their promises.

Governor Scott Walkers fight to reduce some collective bargaining rights while developing sweet heart deals to out-of-state business to come to his state to implement his form of stimulus. His plan, to make it so financially attractive to move to Wisconsin that it would surely brings news jobs to his state a thus benefit all citizens of the state, as well as, increase the state revenue that is currently in the Red.

A split on ideology has occurred as Governor Walker literally gave the money that would have been used to negotiate collective bargaining agreements with Public sector employees and transfer those funds to large business who are looking to come to Wisconsin to do business.

I am not a fan of Public sector labor Unions, and have objectively seen that public employees have reaped some sweet deals of their own.

What bothers me is that there are some credible reports that the Governor Walker had dulled out an n employment opportunity to an individual that doesn’t appear to have the skill set necessary for the employment positions. The employee just happens to be the son of one of Walkers,major contributors.

Besides a flame rising near my buttocks, nothing burns me quite like Cronyism in American politics. The way we see it, the straight -laced Walker has been caught in a bit of a quandary as he or one of his staff offed a lucrative job to a donors’ son that doesn’t seem to correlate with the new hires skill set.

This from the Associated Press”

Critics of Gov. Scott Walker are saying the hiring of the 27-year-old son of an influential lobbyist to an $81,500-per-year job is evidence the administration is using state jobs for political payback.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports Monday that Brian Deschane has no college degree, little management experience and two drunken-driving convictions. Yet he was hired to a job overseeing environmental and regulatory matters and dozens of employees.

via Walker administration hire of Brian Deschane questioned.

No degree, little experience pay off big

How did Deschane score his plum assignment with the Walker team?

It’s all in the family.

His father is Jerry Deschane, executive vice president and longtime lobbyist for the Madison-based Wisconsin Builders Association, which bet big on Walker during last year’s governor’s race.

The group’s political action committee gave $29,000 to Walker and his running mate, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, last year, making it one of the top five PAC donors to the governor’s successful campaign. Even more impressive, members of the trade group funneled more than $92,000 through its conduit to Walker’s campaign over the past two years.

Total donations: $121,652.

That’s big-time backing from the homebuilders.

via JSOnline.

Scott Walker’s administration gave a state job and a 26% raise to the son of a major supporter

To be fair, there is another way to get a state job with a big raise in Scott Walker’s administration—be the mistress of a Republican state senator:

Officials said Valerie Cass, 26, who sources identified as a woman involved in a relationship with Sen. Randy Hopper (R-Fond du Lac), was hired Feb. 7 by the department of regulation and licensing to a limited term, communications specialist position at an hourly rate of $20.35. The hourly rate is equivalent to an annual salary of $42,328. Officials said the position was vacated by Robyn Lockett on Jan. 19. Officials said Lockett’s hourly rate was $15.00 equivalent to an annual salary of $31,200.You see? Scott Walker’s administration is a meritocracy. They know that not everyone can be the child of a major booster, so they offer other paths for advancement.

via Daily Kos: Scott Walker’s administration gave a state job and a 26% raise to the son of a major supporter.

But I am not willing to stop here. The President of the United States offered us Change and Open transparent Government. It seems that everyday we are able to see how transparent he really is. Most believe they can literally see right through him.

When he asked the Top man at General Electric to assist him in job retention in America, I almost fell out of my La-z-boy and bumped my head. When I recovered, I had t ask if it was indeed true that one of the major exporters of American jobs Overseas I had thought I was caught up in some alternative dimension or had entered into a worm hole.

Surly, the President hadn’t picked the CEO of one of the largest recipients of Corporate welfare. But it was true. Joe Biden didn’t need to Gaff that week as comedians across the county caught the joke. Obama didn’t have a clue on how to get jobs back in America.
His trip to South of the Border proved that. He literary sold the farm to Brazil by offering to increase imports of Ethanol, Corn, Cotton, and beef to the United States, Sure our Farmers need more competition so they can remain dependent on Government subsidies.

To make it all a time for us to roll around on the floor, he even suggested that Brazil would be perfect to drill in the Gulf of Mexico and sell us back our own oil.

I have said all that to make this majority point. Obama’s Job advisory from General Electrics company did not pay one red cent in corporate tax last year. Now what is wrong with that photograph? Obama’s example of a good company is one who doesn’t contribute to our tax structures. Taxes are paid by the middle class it appears. Now who is Obama really working for, the Unions in Wisconsin or General Electric who transports jobs out of America by droves.

Cronyism has always been part of Politics, but today, when expenditures are a big issues, should General Electric contribute to that America Burdens spike so highly about, that paying taxes was patriotic. And from Governor Walkers situation, shouldn’t he be careful that jobs he gives out go to qualified individuals who could do the job on day one without ending up in a Union that will refuse to fire him because his struggled through his 90 days, then six months, then the golden year where it would take blowing up a small building before he would be put on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.

Why has manufacturing left. Men and woman, who think that a job, food, housing, healthcare, are all guaranteed in the Constitution.

How is it that worker productivity levels continue to increase i countries without such entitlement philosophies.

Source: Politisite


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