There are Special Forces in Libya Training Rebels according to news sources

US and Egyptian special forces have reportedly been providing covert training to rebel fighters in the battle for Libya, Al Jazeera has been told.

An unnamed rebel source related how he had undergone training in military techniques at a “secret facility” in eastern Libya.

He told our correspondent Laurence Lee, reporting from the rebel-stronghold of Benghazi, that he was sent to fire Katyusha rockets but was given a simple, unguided version of the rocket instead.

“He told us that on Thursday night a new shipment of Katyusha rockets had been sent into eastern Libya from Egypt. He didn’t say they were sourced from Egypt, but that was their route through,” our correspondent said.

“He said these were state-of-the-art, heat-seeking rockets and that they needed to be trained on how to use them, which was one of the things the American and Egyptian special forces were there to do.”

The intriguing development raises several questions, about Egypt’s private involvement and what the arms embargo exactly means, said our correspondent.

“There is also the question of whether or not the outside world should arm the rebels, when in fact they [rebels] are already being armed covertly.”

Our correspondent added that since the rebels appear to be receiving covert support in terms of weaponry and training, it is not surprising that they are not inclined to criticise NATO openly.

via Al Jazeera English.

The CIA IS on the ground in Libya

The British have addmitted their Special Ops people are doing their Jedi magic…..

While President Obama has insisted that no American military ground troops participate in the Libyan campaign, small groups of C.I.A. operatives have been working in Libya for several weeks as part of a shadow force of Westerners that the Obama administration hopes can help bleed Colonel Qaddafi’s military, the officials said.

via Politicaldog101.Com.

What’s a CIA For?

Obama has ruled out American “boots on the ground” in Libya. But yesterday, Reuters’ Mark Hosenball reported that, in fact, Obama has authorized “covert U.S. government support for rebel forces.” And according to the New York Times, CIA teams have been operating for weeks in Libya as part of a “shadow force” tasked with making contact with the rebels and directing coalition airstrikes.

“Aha!” cried critics of the Libyan operation/action/assault/war/steady rain of death from above. Obama lied, people died! Andrew Sullivan said the CIA operations rendered Obama’s “no boots on the ground” line “a Clintonian piece of bullshit that really needs to be called out” and “a betrayal of his candidacy and his supporters.” Stephen Bainbridge says he is “making Bush 43 look like an honest man.”

via What’s a CIA For?.

Boots On The Ground

Are special forces not military? And has the US already made a decision to arm and train the rebels, while saying in public that the question is still being debated? I’m told that only the CIA is involved and there is no arming of the rebels going on. And then you hear of a “secret facility” in Eastern Libya for training one side in a civil war.

via | By Andrew Sullivan.

Editors Note:

Here is just another example of The President of the United States taking unilateral action without Congressional approval and his top aides all stating emphatically that there will be “no boots on the ground” But multiple sources actually on the ground in Libya are reporting the contrary. To top it all off, the Special Forces and Egyptian advisers are providing training to former al-Qaeda operatives who attacked our soldiers in Iraq. Now that the Libyan rebels are considered out friends again they are being trained on how to use sophisticated weaponry that could ultimately turn around and be used against Americans when the tides changes again in the future.

If anyone will take a quick look at our covert CIA war in Afghanistan, during the late seventies and eighties, where we equipped the Afghans with sophisticated military operational techniques and equipment to fight against the former Soviet Union. Those same training methods and weapons have been turned toward the American soldiers in our current conflicts in the middle-east.

Equipping the rebels, who have ties to radial Islamic factions, will indeed come back to kill our own military assets. History repeats itself, and in some of the final words in the Movie, “Charlies Wilson’s War”, Wilson tried to express that the ball just keeps on bouncing. That ball will once again bounce in our direction. You can count on it.

America’s Military main problem in the combat theater and the after action reviews, have a failing memory. America knows how to get into wars, We know how to take a country, what we forget is how to get out and be able to define what victory looks like. Coming from a Veteran, we forget the lessons of the past over and over again, and by doing so, we repeat the same blunders over and over again.

via No Boots on the Ground? U.S. Special Forces wear sneakers? Libyan rebels receive military training | Politisite.


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