First Republican presidential debate postponed


Most Republican contenders have resisted announcing for the Presidency due to the additional expense and logistics that caused difficulty from the candidates in 2007-2008.

The need to raise large amounts of money caused some candidate to bail out airier than in the past.  Additionally media attention and oppositional research coming to forefront in candidacy made for sensationalism in the process.

So, One of the Debates, and possibly other will have to pospone until later dates.  Right now it looks like Late may at the eariest with most waiting until June to announce.

In an unusual move, the coveted first debate of the 2012 presidential primary season is being rescheduled. The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation announced that it is moving its “Reagan Centennial GOP Presidential Primary Candidates Debate” from May 2 to Sept. 14, 2011.

This means the first debate of the 2012 season will be a few days later, May 5, as FOX News and the Republican Party of South Carolina host candidates and potential candidates to a forum in that important early primary state. The South Carolina Republican Party tells CBS News that their debate is happening as scheduled.

The Reagan Library debate is in conjunction with media partners Politico, NBC News and Telemundo. With only one top tier candidate, Tim Pawlenty, having officially filed the paperwork for a Presidential Exploratory Committee, not enough candidates were ready to commit to the debate to hold it on its original date.

via CBS News.


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